Daily Reflections—Not So Daily


Daily Reflections---Not So Daily

Sadly, when I put this blog together, I didn’t take into consideration how busy I would get. But I’m back on board! Hope everyone on the interwebs has been having a fantastic 2013. Remember: take a deep breath and count to ZEN!



New year, new YOU


New year, new YOU

Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities. 2013 is brand new. As I go back to school next week, I will keep this in mind. It’s been great being back at home, spending time with my family…. a good recharge for the new semester. I’m ready to tackle 19 hours…. Positivity is the way. 🙂

Ohhh the places you’ll go….


Ohhh the places you'll go....

I want to see the world. I’m going to see the world. My university gives students like me the opportunity to study abroad for either a month or a whole semester. Someday, I’m going to take advantage of this. Nothing will stand in my way. I saw a quote earlier that said “make your memories your traveling bag” and with that quote alone, it only inspired me more to go overseas. I’m so excited for the future and I hope everyone is too. The future is a beautiful thing.

Be so awesome they can’t replace you


Be so awesome they can't replace you

Lately, I’ve seen tweets/ status’ from people of all ages preaching how they are going to “replace” the negative in their life. What a miracle that would be if we could all just “replace” the bad. To me, replacement is a myth. Unless you can go and physically erase what has happened to cause the bad, you cannot “replace”. What you CAN do instead is learn. Learn. Use what happened to you, whatever it may be, and know things DO get better someday. Whether it be a relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, etc) or something within yourself. No one is replaceable, memories are not replaceable, things are not either. Every year is a new 365 paged book built on what you learned the year before.